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Audiosurf Akatsuki Records:

Audiosurf 2 : Akatsuki Records / Stack - LOVERS mp3
No infringe intended. I do not own the audio.

Audiosurf: Akatsuki Records - Deep Dream Dominator mp3
Title: Deep Dream Dominator Circle: 暁Records Album: WARNING×WARNING×WARNING -to the beginning 05- Original: Eternal Spring Dream There's a lot of ...

Audiosurf: Akatsuki Records - WARNING×WARNING×WARNING mp3
Title: WARNING×WARNING×WARNING Circle: 暁Records Album: WARNING×WARNING×WARNING -to the beginning 05- Original: The Pierrot of the ...

[60FPS] Audiosurf 2 (1,000,000) - "【東方ボーカル】 暁Records - Silent Silence Siren" mp3
Song from this video: Workshop mode used: ...

Audiosurf - Bifurcation Nu:World =Touhou= mp3
Recently got new graphics card, so able to run Audiosurf on full screen (1440x900) on premium settings and record aswell!! Not a clean run, ninja mode.

Audiosurf 2 : ZUN - Pristine Beat mp3
zun is great composer \zun/ i do not own audio.

Audiosurf - HARDEST I'VE EVER PLAYED | Razor Sharp (Remix) mp3
Now, audiosurf can be hard as fuck, and this is no exception. I hope you enjoyed and don't forget to like this video for more.

Nobodyknows+ - Kokoro Odoru - Audiosurf [16:9] Reflexes! mp3
A pretty hard song to stealth.

Faith 【FELT】 (Audiosurf 2 / Kor Sub) mp3
(자막있음) ◊ Title: Faith ◊ Vocal: 舞花 (Maika) ◊ Chorus: 舞花 & W.Nova & Renko ◊ Arrangement: Maurits'禅'Cornelis ◊ Lyric: 美歌 (Mika) ◊ Circle: FELT ◊...

Danzig, 1000 Devils Reign, Audiosurf, Eraser Elite mp3
I take the global high score for Danzig's 1000 Devils Reign on Audiosurf with Eraser Elite. Make sure to check out more of Danzig's music over at ...

~AUDIOSURF~ Amatsuki and MidoriInu  - Remote Control mp3
Amatsuki and MidoriInu-Remote Control Nico Nico Singer(Utaite): Amatsuki and MidoriInu Original Version:

EastNewSound - 夢~KAGEROU~ - AudioSurf HD mp3

Audiosurf Gaming Footage (Common State of Innocent Violence) mp3
After playing Come to Daddy I wanted to try another song that was fast-paced. Another Touhou cover, lol. SONG: Common State of Innocent Violence ...

EastNewSound - 時の檻 - Audiosurf HD 「Subbed」 mp3
EastNewSound - 時の檻 - Audiosurf HD.

【東方 Vietsub/おめでとう⑨の日!】KUNG - FU MASTER No.9 「暁Records 」 mp3
HAPPY CIRN⑨ DAY!! \ ^9^ / ♢ Title:KUNG-FU MASTER No.9(Bậc thầy KUNGFU đệ Cửu) ♢ Album: DOWN DOWN DOLL -to the beginning 07- ♢ Circle: ...

Audiosurf [Poplica] Paint it for mp3
It's itori on vocals, how can you not like this song? Info taken from the Touhouwiki Paint it for arrangement: TAK-sk, 隣人 ...

Deep Dream Dominator by Stack mp3
SONG INFO :- Artist: Stack Circle(s)/Group(s): Akatsuki Records Title: Deep Dream Dominator Album: WARNINGxWARNINGxWARNING -to the beginning 05- ...

REAL WORLD by Stack mp3
SONG INFO :- Artist: Stack Circle(s)/Group(s): Akatsuki Records Title: REAL WORLD Album: REAL WORLD -to the beginning 01- Album Code: DRCD-0003 ...

Audiosurf - Touhou 12 - Mannen Okigasa ni Cochuui o mp3
Traffic congestion: 272 Playlist: MP3 Download:

[Cirno] 暁Records - Silent Silence Siren - 東方ボーカル - Akatsuki Records mp3
Vocals: 謎の人物K Lyrics: ACTRock ? Arrangement: ACTRock ? Circle: 暁Records / Akatsuki Records Like and subscribe ♥ Cirno.

Touhou - Maçã Ruim - AudioSurf Ninja Mono mp3
Versão foda feita pelo Guilhox e pela Lariyuh :D Sim, eu sei que não sou bom nesse jogo. Download: ...

Denkare - Distorted Pain - AudioSurf mp3
A very good friend of mine asked me to audiosurf this song =D it is!

[Audiosurf] Mukau no Kyou ~ Deep Mountain mp3
Title: Mukau no Kyou ~ Deep Mountain Artist: xi-on Album: Touhou Shisou 5th Spell -Changing Times-

【サリー】Pinky Promise【Subbed】 mp3
Finally! This was supposed to be uploaded yesterday while I was out for the day. But apparently my computer restarted for updates at some point and the upload ...

Audiosurf: GET IN THE RING - (in)sane mp3
Title: (in)sane Circle: GET IN THE RING Album: Agony Original: The Pierrot of the Star-Spangled Banner Too bad this is too recent for the lyrics to be findable ...

【 GET IN THE RING】【Agony】 (in)sane mp3
Title: (in)sane ♫ Album: Agony ♫ Circle: GET IN THE RING ♫ Vocals: みぃ ♫ Arrange: GCHM ♫ Lyrics: GCHM ♫ Release Date: December 30, 2015 ♫ Composed ...

Audiosurf: Tennenjemini - Reward to the Dog mp3
Title: 犬(=咲夜)へのご褒美 (Reward to the Dog[=Sakuya]) Circle: 天然ジェミニ (Tennenjimi) Album: 東方マジカル☆コミカル (Touhou Magical Comical) Original: ...

「東方Vocal」 Silent Silence Siren 「暁Records」 mp3
曲名: Silent Silence Siren 原曲: 月時計 ~ ルナ・ダイアル 編曲: ACTRock 作詞: ACTRock 歌: 謎の人物K ○ サークル: 暁Records アルバム: TOHO PARTY BOX...

【東方Experimental】 Studio H.E.X ~ 透明な街角 mp3
Love-Colored Master Spark Arrange: guna Circle: Studio H.E.X Album: 透明な街角 not really sure how to classify this, or if ...

【東方 Metal/Vocal】Trash「No Gimmick no Life」 mp3
Title::Trash ♫Circle:No Gimmick no Life ♫Vocal:葛城ユイ ♫Album:Silent Majority ♫Release date:August 13, 2016 (Comiket 90) ✎Original song: 亡失の ...

Audiosurf - [Touhou Arrangement] Radiant Radiant Symphony [Nuclear Fusion] mp3
This is a fraps test in addition to my first ever Audiosurft video. And this is easy compared to what I've done before. Original song here: ...

Audiosurf - Tsuki ni murakumo hana ni kaze (Touhou) mp3
Playtesting Audiosurf and bringing up a track from Touhou. Hope you enjoy it!

[Touhou Vocal] [monochrome - coat] SIN (spanish & english subtitles) mp3
Habéis escuchado el disco debut de Akatsuki Records? Solo tiene tres canciones, pero es bueno, y la vocalista Stack me ha gustado mucho. Aquí tenéis una ...

Audiosurf - Flowers are at the End of Illusion mp3
Hit a wall ;-;

Audiosurf Kokoro Odoru - Nobody Knows mp3
ninja mono ironmode.

【東方Piano/Vocal】 Riverside - 5月7日、終発36号 mp3
Official: ------------------------------------------------ ☆ Title: 5月7日、終発36号 ☆ Circle: Riverside ☆ Arrangement: Cororo ☆ ...

Eternal Spring Dream music box mp3
"Very well. I will dispose of this lunatic dream. Now, sleep. I will craft your Kaian now." original MIDI by DMBN Touhou belongs to ZUN DL: ...

東方 [Vocal/Metalcore] Foreground Eclipse - Last Liar Standing mp3
Number: 0305 Title: Last Liar Standing Vocals: The one and only Merami, Teto (screams) Artist: Foreground Eclipse Circle: Foreground Eclipse Album: Stories ...

[Original Vocal] [Imperial Circus Dead Decadence] Uta (spanish & english subtitles) mp3
Now, the time has come. Draw your sword This is the justice I've always carried Song title: 謳 (Express) Composed: Imperial Circus Dead Decadence, Hull ...

東方2Who Music 437 - 時の檻 mp3
Song: 時の檻 Circle: EastNewSound Arrangement: きりん Album: Dione Aggregation Vocal: 葉月ゆら More super kirin mixes!! With nyan nyan!!!

AudioSurf - Beauty of Annihilation - Treyarch mp3
Here is a video of me playing AudioSurf on the tune Beauty of Annihilation, due to glitches with hypercam I cant record sound so it might not be there or might be ...

Dirtyphonics & 12th Planet - Freefall (feat Julie Hardy) (Gydra remix) mp3

in the autumn - 中野愛子 (Aiko Nakano, Date Course Records) mp3
iTunes Store▷ Playlist Radio▷ 中野愛子1st EP the autumn 2.NAME 3.桜chip.

J - Core #258 - RoughSketch - Demon Party of Japan mp3
Artist: RoughSketch Title: Demon Party of Japan Album: Doppelganger Genocide!!!!! Circle: Notebook Records Event: Comiket 81 Genre: ...

[SOUND HOLIC] Парси / Parsee [rus sub] mp3
Название:Parsee Вокал: きゃろ Аранжировка: MasKaleido Текст песни: Blue E Группа: SOUND HOLIC Альбом: 幻想 ☆ あ・ら・もーど II.

AUDIOSURF Nakano Aiko - Friends (instrumental) mp3
Ironmode + Stealth Please enjoy =)

次使うOPに使うかもしれない曲が引っかかるかを確かめるだけの動画 5 mp3
Silent Silence Siren ショート版です こっちはあまり引っかかってほしくないなぁ~

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